PMP DV Camcorder

pmp_dv_camcorderA Personal Media Player and DV Camcorder in one! Features 4GB internal memory, a 2.5 inch LCD swivel screen, built-in speaker, and numerous other features. Link


Flexible Robo Cam

flexible_robocamStylish web camera with a flexible robot design. This handy desktop mate will have you connected to video webcalls in moments with high quality and speed. A great computer add-on for any person who wants to have fun or improve business communication while online.

The webcam contains a 350 kilopixel CMOS sensor with easy manual lens focus adjustment. Posable sportsman robot design allows 360 degree adjustment of viewing angle. Cool & functional! Link

Gigabyte EX58 Extreme Edition

mobo_gigabyte_ex58The EX58-EXTREME is the latest high performance X58 Series motherboards of GIGABYTE, designed from the ground up to unleash the awesome power of Intel’s new Core i7 processors. Equipped with a host of new features including the new QPI interface, 3 channel DDR3 support, 3 Way SLI™ and CrossFireX™ support, Ultra Durable 3 technology and the industry’s most extensive range of overclocking features, the EX58-EXTREME is bringing excitement back into the high performance motherboard industry. Get your game on! Link

EEE PC 904HD Released

eeepc_904hd Asus hit a nerve when they designed the EEE PC, however certain models just lacked hard drive space. Thus was born the Eee PC 904HD, which delivers a generous storage capacity in the form of a 80GB SATA hard disk drive. The use of a SATA drive provides fast data transfers, and enables users to carry more data along with them than previously possible – making the Eee PC904HD a convenient computing tool for everyone. Link

World’s Thinnest MP4 Player!

The thinnest MP4 player on the market to date. At only 4.5mm depth (approx the size of 4 or so credit cards stacked on top of each other), this is the personal media player (PMP) to get if you are looking for the most features possible, without having to take up too much pocket space.

Crammed in are such features as 4GB of internal flash memory, easy touch button control, a MIC recorder, a high brightness 160×128 resolution screen, and more. Features touch control screen. Link