Humanoid Robot Kit

Humanoid_Robot_KitUnlike the other KHR series robots, the KHR-1HV incorporates a pivotal hip axis, 19 degrees of freedom and more powerful servo motors in the shoulders. The KHR-1HV has also raised the bar in hobby robotics by optimizing performance with a more powerful micro controller board, the new RCB-3HV.

Compared to the KHR-2HV, the KHR-1HV has more human-like gestures features, such as smoother motions and a more powerful walking gait.

Like its predecessor, the KHR-2HV, the KHR-1HV can be programmed through its easy to use GUI programming software, and can be controlled via remote control, RS232 serial, or USB Wi-Fi interface.

All-in-all ….. one of those ultimate gadgets! Link


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