Nokia E97 Concept Phone

e97_00Fabien Nauroy’s Nokia E97 concept shows incredible thought and a sleek phone. The concept has a full keyboard in “AZERTY” layout, with a small LCD screen above the keyboard. But the best part is the pull-out LED screen that can work as a storage device, and make file and picture sharing somewhat retro, and also futuristic! Link 1  Link2


Twista Stunt Car

twista_stunt_carThis Twista stunt RC car with LED lights is something completely out of this world. It moves and operates with brilliant flashing multi-color LED lights and presents itself with creative and imaginative movements by the use of the RC remote, which makes it a very special RC product that is fun for the whole family.

The twister edition RC stunt car is completely unique due to its complex design, which lets the user be creative and develop their own stunt moves and techniques. This model looks even better when used in the dark, the flashing LED’s and the stunts performed will dazzle and impress everyone watching. Kids of all ages will love playing with this brand new toy. Link

Bicycle Flashlight

Bicycle_FlashlightPowerful white LED flashlight, perfectly shaped and molded for use on a bike, and just as easily able to be used as a normal flashlight. Great for outdoors and sport enthusiasts.

Never be caught on your bike in a dark area without a flashlight again. This surprisingly powerful mini flashlight fits conveniently in your pocket and is super light weight.

Keep your healthy cycling loved ones safe by making them more visible to others! Link

Mickey Mouse Digi Pod


Tell her she has lovely ears and she will love you even more for it!

The Mickey Mouse Digi Pod has a special edition design with Disney’s Mickey Mouse. With the same compact body size, it allows you to place it anywhere in the house or carry it with you casually. Display your favorite pictures through the Digi-Pod.

Mickey Mouse Digi-Pod runs on 2 AAA batteries for 25 hours, displaying at least 43 picture files. Featuring a high quality screen that fully displays your colourful images. 

Available in different colours. Link

Heart Digital Photo Frame

Digital_Heart_Photo_FrameA heart-shaped digital frame perfect for celebrating and sharing your love to another one. It stores up to 63 of your memorable images and has a clock display function. It automatically switches pictures every 15 seconds.

Designed with a simple upload function through the fast USB connection, and at the same time, charges the battery for a long 8 hour battery life.

The perfect present for all things love related and Valentine’s Day.

Tell her you love her with this Love Digital Photo Frame and she will always have pictures of you close at hand. Link

PMP DV Camcorder

pmp_dv_camcorderA Personal Media Player and DV Camcorder in one! Features 4GB internal memory, a 2.5 inch LCD swivel screen, built-in speaker, and numerous other features. Link

World’s Thinnest MP4 Player!

The thinnest MP4 player on the market to date. At only 4.5mm depth (approx the size of 4 or so credit cards stacked on top of each other), this is the personal media player (PMP) to get if you are looking for the most features possible, without having to take up too much pocket space.

Crammed in are such features as 4GB of internal flash memory, easy touch button control, a MIC recorder, a high brightness 160×128 resolution screen, and more. Features touch control screen. Link