Nokia E97 Concept Phone

e97_00Fabien Nauroy’s Nokia E97 concept shows incredible thought and a sleek phone. The concept has a full keyboard in “AZERTY” layout, with a small LCD screen above the keyboard. But the best part is the pull-out LED screen that can work as a storage device, and make file and picture sharing somewhat retro, and also futuristic! Link 1  Link2


Twista Stunt Car

twista_stunt_carThis Twista stunt RC car with LED lights is something completely out of this world. It moves and operates with brilliant flashing multi-color LED lights and presents itself with creative and imaginative movements by the use of the RC remote, which makes it a very special RC product that is fun for the whole family.

The twister edition RC stunt car is completely unique due to its complex design, which lets the user be creative and develop their own stunt moves and techniques. This model looks even better when used in the dark, the flashing LED’s and the stunts performed will dazzle and impress everyone watching. Kids of all ages will love playing with this brand new toy. Link

Watch Walkie-Talkie (Voice Activated)

Voice_Activated_Watch_Walkie_TalkieFeatures a high brightness backlit LCD display for reading even at night and VOX (voice activated) operation. This communication device features up to a 1 mile range with others, a rechargeable 3.7V Li-ion battery for power, and channel scan and lock.

A great communication device that can be used all over the world.

Oh, and it’s a watch too! Link

Motorola Walkie-Talkies

Moto_Walkie_TalkieHooked on tricks. The shock-proof T3 walkie-talkie has no call charges, needs no networks, and has a 5km* range, for scouts of the urban jungle.

  • Stylish, iconic design in a choice of funky colours
  • The 2-way radio offering different wearing styles – hang it, clip it, wear it, hold it!
  • Robust, durable design
  • Keep in touch – wherever you are
  • Inexpensive and no ongoing call charges
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Ideal radio for all the family
  • Typical battery life – 20 hours

Charlie…..Charlie, I rolled the Landrover over…..over – NOT! Link

Bicycle Flashlight

Bicycle_FlashlightPowerful white LED flashlight, perfectly shaped and molded for use on a bike, and just as easily able to be used as a normal flashlight. Great for outdoors and sport enthusiasts.

Never be caught on your bike in a dark area without a flashlight again. This surprisingly powerful mini flashlight fits conveniently in your pocket and is super light weight.

Keep your healthy cycling loved ones safe by making them more visible to others! Link

Humanoid Robot Kit

Humanoid_Robot_KitUnlike the other KHR series robots, the KHR-1HV incorporates a pivotal hip axis, 19 degrees of freedom and more powerful servo motors in the shoulders. The KHR-1HV has also raised the bar in hobby robotics by optimizing performance with a more powerful micro controller board, the new RCB-3HV.

Compared to the KHR-2HV, the KHR-1HV has more human-like gestures features, such as smoother motions and a more powerful walking gait.

Like its predecessor, the KHR-2HV, the KHR-1HV can be programmed through its easy to use GUI programming software, and can be controlled via remote control, RS232 serial, or USB Wi-Fi interface.

All-in-all ….. one of those ultimate gadgets! Link

Mickey Mouse Digi Pod


Tell her she has lovely ears and she will love you even more for it!

The Mickey Mouse Digi Pod has a special edition design with Disney’s Mickey Mouse. With the same compact body size, it allows you to place it anywhere in the house or carry it with you casually. Display your favorite pictures through the Digi-Pod.

Mickey Mouse Digi-Pod runs on 2 AAA batteries for 25 hours, displaying at least 43 picture files. Featuring a high quality screen that fully displays your colourful images. 

Available in different colours. Link