Humanoid Robot Kit

Humanoid_Robot_KitUnlike the other KHR series robots, the KHR-1HV incorporates a pivotal hip axis, 19 degrees of freedom and more powerful servo motors in the shoulders. The KHR-1HV has also raised the bar in hobby robotics by optimizing performance with a more powerful micro controller board, the new RCB-3HV.

Compared to the KHR-2HV, the KHR-1HV has more human-like gestures features, such as smoother motions and a more powerful walking gait.

Like its predecessor, the KHR-2HV, the KHR-1HV can be programmed through its easy to use GUI programming software, and can be controlled via remote control, RS232 serial, or USB Wi-Fi interface.

All-in-all ….. one of those ultimate gadgets! Link


Mickey Mouse Digi Pod


Tell her she has lovely ears and she will love you even more for it!

The Mickey Mouse Digi Pod has a special edition design with Disney’s Mickey Mouse. With the same compact body size, it allows you to place it anywhere in the house or carry it with you casually. Display your favorite pictures through the Digi-Pod.

Mickey Mouse Digi-Pod runs on 2 AAA batteries for 25 hours, displaying at least 43 picture files. Featuring a high quality screen that fully displays your colourful images. 

Available in different colours. Link

Heart Digital Photo Frame

Digital_Heart_Photo_FrameA heart-shaped digital frame perfect for celebrating and sharing your love to another one. It stores up to 63 of your memorable images and has a clock display function. It automatically switches pictures every 15 seconds.

Designed with a simple upload function through the fast USB connection, and at the same time, charges the battery for a long 8 hour battery life.

The perfect present for all things love related and Valentine’s Day.

Tell her you love her with this Love Digital Photo Frame and she will always have pictures of you close at hand. Link

Fetal Microphone

Fetal_MicrophoneListen to your baby’s heart as they develop. Monitor the baby safely and easily from the comfort of your home.

This is a completely passive device, it’s just like putting a microphone up to the baby, there are no transmitted emissions. One of the most wonderful things to ever happen to a woman can be pregnancy, and everyone remembers when they visited the doctor and heard the fast little heartbeat the first time.

With this fetal Doppler, you can repeat that experience any time you want. Plug in any 3.5mm headphones or earphones to listen as the babies heart beats, and as a cool added bonus, record the audio directly to an audio recorder to share with others anytime. Link

Canyon Navmaster



Depend on this multifunctional watch for almost any kind of outdoor activity. Lightweight and

compact, NavMaster will display the following;

– altitude

-current direction (Showing a compass arrow, numeric and cardinal readouts)


-ascending/descending speed (Including Average)

-minimum/maximum temperature

So……unless you are going on the next Mars mission, this unit packs a punch at a rather affordable price tag, and yes we mean the watch and not the Mars based Loony Bug! Link

MP3 Watch

Classy MP3 Watch

The modern design for this product is sure to please anyone who owns it. You can use the watch as a portable hard disk, record with the high quality MIC, and LINE-IN function lets you record clearly.

Supports MP3/WMA/WAV music format and repeat function. Link

PMP DV Camcorder

pmp_dv_camcorderA Personal Media Player and DV Camcorder in one! Features 4GB internal memory, a 2.5 inch LCD swivel screen, built-in speaker, and numerous other features. Link